A Simple Breakdown Of Useful Styles Programs

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Work that into the deal later. Dont agree to buy at this time. FOURTH: Pick a dealer, go back later Youll get an even better price by waiting until the last few days of a month or quarter. First, dealers offer sales people bonuses to meet monthly sales goals. If they are close to the bonus, theyll be more willing to deal. Also, dealers get what are called stair step incentives from automakers for hitting sales goals. Its big money, so dealers close to their targets are more willing to bargain. For a larger dealer, Stewart says hitting stair step goals can mean $250,000 or more, the difference between a monthly profit and loss. General Motors is helping some dealers get rid of 2016 cars by giving up to 20 percent off the sticker. Bigger dealers can get higher payments from automakers and sometimes can offer better prices than smaller ones. The bottom line is if you go through all these steps and youre a tough negotiator, you can get a well-equipped car for less than the price of a stripped-down SUV.


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